Duval Teachers United

Points of Interest: Update Contact Information

February 4, 2021

In an effort to update our database at DTU, we are asking that members please use the link below to provide us with their current contact information. In January, during the last ratification process, we received many returned envelopes because of incorrect mailing addresses. We are requesting that our members please take a few minutes to complete the form to allow us to have the most accurate information for future mailings. The DTU database is not connected to the Duval County School Board database. When you update with the district, we do not always get that information. We are also asking you to provide your cell phone number and personal email address, so that we have the ability to contact you when we need you to get active during the Florida Legislative session and other rapid response situations. This will allow the voices of the members of Duval Teachers United to be heard on a greater scale.

We are requesting that you complete the DTU form by February 19, 2021. Please click on the link below. Click HERE to Update.