Duval Teachers United

Spring Break Advice

March 11, 2022

Spring Break is almost here, and we want you to enjoy the time to relax and rejuvenate.  During this time, please make sure you still remember as an education professional you are held to a higher standard.  Please remember that you should not be using social media to communicate with students, and you should not be “friends” or “follow them” on those platforms.  Please be cognizant about what you post on social media about any travels or experiences you have during the break.  Also, if you chose to include alcohol in your celebrations make sure you do so safely.  A DUI or any arrest will generally result in discipline from the district.  If you were to be arrested, please remember, that you have the right to remain silent, and although it may seem convenient to plea to charges, that may have consequences for your employment in Duval County Public Schools.  Also, if an arrest were to happen, you need to report immediately to district and the Florida Department of Education if you are a certificate holder.