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Legislative Alert: Immediate Action Needed

Contact Your State Senator!

March 6, 2022

As we draw close to reaching the end of the Legislative session, bills that have not been discussed before this point, have a tendency to just pop up. HB 1197 is such a bill. It has unexpectedly been taken up in the final hours of the session. This bill has not yet been discussed in the Senate before now. Because it is being considered so late in the session, there will be limited opportunities for public comments or discussion.  

If passed, HB1197 will limit your ability and freedom to decide if you want to have union dues deducted from your paycheck by the school district. Teachers and staff currently have the ability to have numerous deductions made from their paychecks, if they so choose. This includes union dues. It is currently the employee’s decision to join a union and have deductions taken from their paychecks by the school district. HB1197 would put an end to that deduction choice, but only for School Board employees and only for their union dues. Payroll deduction by the district is the least costly and most convenient way for employees to pay their union dues.

The union provides teachers and staff with an advocate for higher salaries, benefits, better working conditions, and for a world class education for their students. Eliminating district dues deductions from paychecks for only school employees eliminates a freedom for them that others will maintain. Ask yourself why. Remember: Unions are as strong as the size and support of their membership.

At a time of crucial shortages in teaching and school staffs, legislators should be helping our students by supporting school employees instead of playing political games. The first hearing for this bill in the Senate Rules Committee will be on Tuesday, March 8, 2022. If it passes, it will go to the Senate floor for a final vote.  Urgent Action is Needed!

Contact your state Senator today. Encourage your Senator to vote “No” on HB1197.


  Click here to tell your senator to VOTE NO on HB 1197