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Sick Leave Pool

Sick Leave Pool Application Extension

August 13, 2019

The Sick Leave Pool consists of sick leave days donated by DCPS employees who have elected to belong to the Sick Leave Pool. The Sick Leave Pool Committee administrates over the Sick Leave Pool days. Employee members apply for sick leave days through the Sick Leave Pool Committee. Sick Leave Pool days may be applied for and awarded to members only for their own catastrophic, emergency, or life threatening illness or injuryCATASTROPHIC is defined as life threatening illnesses or major injuries. Examples of catastrophic illnesses are heart attacks and cancer.

The enrollment period to join the Sick Leave Pool will open on August 12, 2019 and close on September 20, 2019. Applications for membership can be found on the DCPS website. Human Resources sent an email to employees that included the Sick Leave Enrollment Form along with the rules and procedures for membership. DTU has also attached those two documents to this email notification.

In order to join the Sick Leave Pool, the employee must have been employed by DCPS for more than one full year and have ten (10) days or more of accrued sick leave. One day is donated initially. In the event that the Pool days reach or fall below 250 days, employee members will be required to donate another day.

Employees may apply for leave days from the Pool once their sick and annual leave (if applicable) has been exhausted and the employee has been absent for at least ten consecutive days, five of which must be leave without pay. After careful review of the employee documentation provided upon application for a Sick Leave Pool withdrawal, the Sick Leave Pool Committee decides whether or not to award Sick Leave Pool days to the employee, and if so, how many. The Sick Leave Pool Committee decisions regarding the award of leave days is final in all cases. An appeal may be submitted.

Any days contributed to the sick leave pool are not refundable upon any type of withdrawal or termination of membership.