Duval Teachers United

Points of Interest: Alert! Potential Project Veritas Deception Campaign

May 26, 2021

DTU is sending the information below to make our members aware of threats that are out in society that may seek to undermine the efforts of Educators and their Unions. Please read the information below and be aware of the dangers that are out there in social media that may end up in your classrooms and/or on your school campuses.

At a recent FEA Governance Board meeting, it was discussed that there is reason to believe the political undercover video group — Project Veritas — is again targeting teachers in an effort to undermine public education and drive wedges. This group has a history of promoting deceptively edited videos and dubious claims that later prove to be dishonest or misleading. One image circulating — which we have not independently verified but are sharing out of an abundance of caution — suggests they are recruiting students to videotape educators enforcing COVID safety guidelines (see the image below).  We are providing information you can share with your leaders and members– six things you should know and do now about a potential Project Veritas deception campaign:

1.      Be aware — and help others be aware — that the campaign to use deception via video to target teachers and their unions remains active.  Those that are aware of deceptive operative campaigns are less likely to be tricked by them.

2.      Assume that conversations you are having with people may be secretly recorded or shared publicly.  This includes in-person and video calls.

3.      Assume that you can be secretly recorded by students as well as adults.

4.      Use messaging that explains why you are taking certain action.  This will make it harder for you to be taken out of context. 

5.      Note that teachers enforcing mask mandates are doing their job. CDC guidance expressly allows employers to set different rules, and many school districts still have mask requirements, which makes sense given very few elementary, middle, and high school students are vaccinated at this point.  

6.    Alert others when you have an interaction that makes you suspect an operative campaign is underway.