Duval Teachers United

2022-2023 Teacher ESSER Bonus

April 24, 2023

DTU has continued to fight for a previously negotiated ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief) Teacher Unit bonus for the 2022-2023 school year. Funds from ESSER were previously negotiated to be awarded as a $1000 Bonus for the Teacher Unit if available for 2022-2023. DTU pursued the fact that the funding was available. The funds are available. Distribution of the funds, however, is subject to School Board approval. Approval for payment will be addressed at the May School Board meeting.

If approved, a member of the Teacher Bargaining Unit employed as a full-time teacher with the district as of June 2, 2023, will be eligible for a $1000 one-time ESSER bonus. Job Share teachers meeting the same employment criteria are eligible for $500.

The Teacher $1000 and $500 bonuses will be paid as a one-time bonus.  As a bonus, DCPS will subtract applicable FICA taxes, federal withholding, and any mandatory payroll expenses from the $1000 and $500 bonus amounts. At this point in time, the bonus payment (minus taxes) is scheduled to be paid on June 23, 2023 regardless of your pay calendar (Optional or Traditional). Remember the distribution of funds is dependent upon approval at the May School Board meeting.

Paraprofessional and UOPD Unit members have already received their ESSER bonuses. Their bonus was $750. The Paraprofessional and UOPD bonuses were subject to the same taxes but was spread across all of their paychecks during the 2022-2023 school year.

If approved, this would be the last ESSER payment.