Duval Teachers United

April 14, 2020 Update


We’re in this Together!

DTU knows how difficult these times have been for all of our members. You need to know that your DTU staff, continues to do their job to look out for all of YOU as you work to maintain services to Duval students and families. We are in contact with the Superintendent, the Assistant Superintendents, Human Resources and other department administrators on a daily basis to address issues, concerns, and procedures.

These are some of the things that DTU has been doing to help you.

  • DTU Leadership and staff are responding to your daily phone messages and issues: Don’t hesitate to leave voice mail messages by calling 396-4063 and leaving a message for your staff consultant.  Your issue will receive a response.
  • DTU is responding to your daily email messages. Staff can be reached at the following addresses. For faster responses, please contact your specific zone staff consultant directly.
  • The DTU Legal Department is still working to respond to the needs of its members. They continue to resolve member issues and to represent members. If you have an issue or legal concern that needs addressing, please contact our lawyers via email or by phone. This is the perfect time to address issues you have not had time to address before. Schedule a time to conference with our lawyers.
  • DTU is keeping abreast of decisions by the Governor and the Legislature regarding funding for public schools for 2020-2021 as well as updates on covid-19 measures.
  • DTU is working on economic and non-economic proposals in advance of collective bargaining negotiations for all DTU Units: Paraprofessionals, Teachers, and UOPD. We are currently working with DCPS to determine how bargaining will proceed under current conditions.
  • DTU has been negotiating MOU’s with the DCPS Negotiator. The following MOU’s have been signed: MOU for Evaluations DTU Units 2019-2020
  • The following MOU’s are under discussion:
  • Summer programs MOU
  • Curriculum and Assessment Writing MOU
  • Summer VPK MOU
  • Strive To Be Aware Summer Institute Training MOU
  • DTU continues to assist with employee Growth Plans.
  • DTU has addressed or represented members on issues such as: employee disciplines, payroll, and leave issues as well as researching questions and issues.
  • The DTU website is up and running with updated information.  The web address is dtujax.com
  • DTU has updated the DTU Teacher and ESP Handbooks for new employees.
  • We are providing email updates as they are available. During March and April, information on the following topics has been emailed to members:
    • March Emails:
      • DTU Health, Safety and Working Conditions Survey
      • DTU Contact Information
      • Preparations for Virtual Learning
      • Paraprofessional / School-Based UOPD Update
      • Paraprofessionals and UOPD(School Based)
      • Points of Interest Papers:
        • Maple Street Biscuit Supplies Available
        • Free tours on-line and Covid-19 Testing Sites
        • Zoo tours on-line 
        • Staying Connected While Staying at Home
        • Distance Learning
      • Union Priorities
      • Duval Homeroom
      • Florida Teacher Certification Exam Update
      • Families First Corona Virus Response Act & FMLA
      • Keeping You Informed Newsletter
      • Bad Things Happen to Good People- (Legal Department)
      • Schultz Center Spring Endorsement Learning Sessions
      • DCSB Briefing on AP Exams

These are only some of the services and information DTU continues to provide for you. We will continue to address concerns with DCPS or principals as needed. We will contact you with information we receive as we receive it.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your issues or questions. Check your email from dtujax frequently throughout the weeks ahead. Always check your email “clutter” in the event that you are not receiving our email.

Remember: We are in this together.