Duval Teachers United

Update: Teacher Elementary Lunch Period Supplement

DTU recently sent out an email regarding the Lunch Supplement MOU. See the previous email here. Teachers have interpreted the email in different ways, so clarification is needed. The email was sent strictly as an informational piece to inform teachers of their options regarding lunch procedures.

It is entirely up to teachers to decide what they want to do with respect to their duty-free lunch. There are a couple of options for teachers.

Teachers can maintain their duty-free lunch as they have always done. A duty-free lunch is a contractual stipulation that has not been changed. In this scenario, students would eat in the cafeteria as usual and teachers would eat lunch on their own. If teachers decide, however, to occasionally and voluntarily eat with their students, as some do, they can still do that if they wish.

In the brick and mortar school locations only, Teachers can choose to give up their duty-free lunch in order to receive a $2500 supplement. In this scenario, designated teachers would eat in their classroom with their students in order to help with maintaining distancing in the cafeteria. Based on the chart that was provided in the initial email, the number of teachers that could receive the supplement would be determined based on brick and mortar student enrollment at their schools. Some schools may only have 3 teachers receiving the supplement while large schools may have a double-digit number of teachers who would get the supplement

No one can make this decision for teachers. This is a choice that individual teachers have to make for themselves. This information is being provided so you have all the information needed to make your decision.

DTU apologizes for the confusion created by the previous memo. We want to wish you a safe re-opening of school. We will be here to address your concerns. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Stay Safe and Healthy!