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August 22, 2020

Leave Options, Isolation Rooms, Florida Classroom Assistance Supply Money, Small Group Instruction,

Everyone at DTU hopes the opening of schools went well for staff, students, parents, and administrators.  The Points of Interest today will include a power point presentation for leave options, the MOU for the staffing of the Isolation Rooms, expectations for small group instruction.  Please click on the title to see the presentation.

Leave Options: This power point presentation will provide you with the list of available leaves if you are exposed to COVID-19.  Steps to quarantine is also a part of this presentation.  You will also find the steps to follow for submitting leave documents. This includes which documents are completed by the employee and which ones should be completed by the school’s timekeeper.  The presentation also includes a section on frequently asked questions.

Isolation RoomsThis MOU outlines which UOPD employees would have the ability to volunteer to supervise the Isolation Rooms and be paid a supplement of $1,000 ($250 a quarter).  The MOU includes the eligibility criteria, personal protection equipment, work schedule and details on compensation.

Florida Classroom Assistance Supply Money: The attached document includes the amount to be paid to classroom teachers who meet the definition of “classroom teacher” for this piece of legislation.  You will also find examples of allowable purchases.  Please keep your receipts and submit copies of them along with the appropriate document to the bookkeeper in the spring of 2021 when notified.

Small Group Instruction: DTU has received reports that someemployees have been told to wear their face shields instead of their masks by administrators.  We have also had reports that employees are being told to remove their face mask during small group instruction.   Duval County Public Schools Safe Reopening Employee Guidelines and Handbook states that teachers, classroom support staff, and students are required to wear a mask or shield while in school.  DTU spoke to Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Victoria Schultz. She confirmed that you CANNOT be forced to remove your face mask.  While face shields are permissible, you should not be told that you must wear one instead of a mask.  If you are told to remove your mask by any DCPS employee, please contact DTU leadership, staff, or legal ASAP.