Duval Teachers United

Points of Interest: New Teacher Salary Schedule Implementation

January 11, 2022

The Florida Department of Education has finally approved the 2021-2022 Teacher Unit Grandfather and Performance Pay Salary Schedules, including the starting salary for classroom teachers at $47,500.  The DCSB is now able to implement the ratified salary increases for all Teacher Unit groups. Details of the salary increase implementation and retroactive pay are outlined below.

Implementation of Pay Increases:

  • The implementation of the new rate of pay for all Teacher Unit groups on all salary schedules will occur on the January 28, 2022, paycheck.
  • Retroactive pay* will also in included in this paycheck. That means that this paycheck amount will be a larger paycheck than usual. The January 28th paycheck will NOT be representative of the remaining paycheck amounts.
  • The first paycheck in February will be the new normal paycheck amount.
  • Multiple Assignment retroactive pay for work completed during the summer (July 1, 2021 -August 2, 2021) will be paid out on the February 25, 2022, paycheck.
  • Each Teacher Unit group salary schedule has its own beginning salary amount.

*Remember: Retroactive Pay represents only the new pay increases negotiated for the Teacher Unit calculated back to the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, but not received until now.  This is a one-time payment and will be included in the January 28th paycheck.

Please feel free to contact Employee Support, at 390-2400, if you have any questions.