Duval Teachers United

Points of Interest: Duval County School Board Meeting

July 22, 2020
We’re in this Together!

Tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. the Duval County School Board will be meeting to vote on issues of great importance to our membership. Some of the issues to be considered will be the starting date for school and a plan for re-opening schools.
DTU is aware of the growing concerns of our members regarding the face to face re-opening of our schools. Many of you have expressed fears because you don’t know how safe you and your students will be at work. DTU knows that many of you are fearful of returning to face to face instruction because you or your family members may have underlying health concerns making you vulnerable to Covid-19 infection.
No one can tell your story and express your fears better than you. We encourage you to attend tomorrow’s meeting to let the School Board know how you feel and to question the feasibility of re-opening with face to face instruction. What type of safety measures will be in place? Will you be able to socially distance in your classrooms, in the hallways, at dismissal? Why can’t we begin with virtual instruction until the infection rate in Florida decreases? Let them know how you feel and ask for answers to questions you may have.
We hope to see you there. Please wear a mask and maintain social distancing to maintain your safety and those of your peers.