Duval Teachers United

Florida No-Strike Law

 July 22. 2020

We know everyone is scared and frustrated by the potential of returning to school during this pandemic. While we are proponents of advocacy and fighting for the safest workplace possible, we have heard some of our members mention or allude to striking.

Please be advised, Florida law prohibits striking. This prohibition is in the Florida Constitution Article 1, section 6, and in Florida Statute Section 447.505. If an employee participates in an action that constitutes a strike, there are several penalties for that conduct as outlined in Florida Statutes 447.507. These penalties include termination, if reemployed you are on probationary status for 18 months and salary upon reemployment will be the same as pre-strike pay for at least one year.

The Florida Department of Education could take action against your certificate for failure to supervise, with possible penalties which could include, letters of reprimand, fine, college courses, suspension, and/or revocation of the educator’s certificate. Also, a consequence would be the forfeiture of retirement benefits under Florida Statutes section 112.3173.

Please be smart about your advocacy on behalf of yourself and education professionals. Striking is against the law and will have life-altering consequences. If you are a union member, please contact DTU Staff or DTU Legal if you have a question.