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January 11, 2021

Teacher Surveys and Letters of Possible Unsatisfactory Evaluation Deadline

Teacher Surveys

Teachers please be on the lookout for the DTU January edition of the Keeping You Informed Newsletter next week.  Within the newsletter you will find links to surveys for teacher to complete.  There will be one for elementary school teachers, one for middle school teachers and one for high school teachers.  Please make sure that you complete the questions that are specific to your job assignment.  You will have a week to complete the survey and DTU will use the results as we negotiate with the district concerning working conditions.

Letters of Potential Unsatisfactory Evaluations Deadline

Any teacher in danger of receiving an overall Unsatisfactory Rating can be issued a Letter of Potential Unsatisfactory.  The deadline to receive the letter is January 13th of each school year.  Along with this letter the teacher will be placed on a Growth Plan and you have the right to select members of your Growth Plan Team and that can include DTU Staff Consultants If you are issued a Letter of Potential Unsatisfactory, please reach out to your staff consultant at DTU to get assistance. 

Growth Plans

The Professional Growth Plan must be initiated by the principal if any component in Domain 3 or multiple components in Domains 1, 2, and/or 4 are rated as unsatisfactory. The plan may be initiated at any time a school administrator observes performance that reflects a need for growth. The Professional Growth Plan, however, must be initiated by January 13th and implemented by January 30th for those teachers who have the potential to receive an overall annual unsatisfactory evaluation.  If an observation is rated unsatisfactory by the assistant principal, the principal must initiate a formal observation for the teacher.  A DTU representative may be asked, by the employee, to participate on the Growth Plan Team.  Please contact your DTU staff consultant to get assistance.