Duval Teachers United

Paperwork Reduction

December 9, 2020

Paperwork Reduction

Duval Teachers United and Duval County Public Schools are working to continue to reduce and eliminate unnecessary paperwork for which teachers and other school professionals are tasked.  We recognize that paperwork, whether paper or electronic, diminishes time for preparation of instruction, conferencing with student and parents, and other important work-related tasks. Time away from teaching becomes a disincentive for teachers to remain in the field which impacts the districts retention of talent.

DTU and DCPS have agreed to identify required documents and to monitor the necessity of the creation of any new documents for relevance. The following is a list of the currently approved and required District documents:

Coaching Log for Instructional Coaches

Coaching Feedback Form

Teacher/Coach Data Chat Form

Admin/Teacher Reflection Guide

Common Planning Agenda and Tool

Standard Template Analysis

Data Template Analysis

EQUIP Protocol

Common Lesson Plan Template (Elementary & Secondary)

Progress Monitoring Plan (PMP: State Required)

Teacher-Student Data Chat Log

Intervention and Tutoring Log

Parent Contact Log

DTU is asking that you complete and submit the attached Paperwork Survey. If you feel that the completion of paperwork is still out of control or that specific documents are unnecessary or duplicated, please do the following.

  • Complete and submit the attached survey.
  • Please provide examples to DTU of required forms that the school created without approval from the school shared decision-making Paperwork Reduction Committee.
  •  Please provide a copy of the document, the Grade Level/Subject Area/Department it applies to,the source and purpose of the document, and if it was approved by the staff.
  • Submit documents to Tammie Brooks-Evans at: Tammie.Brooks-Evans@Floridaea.org

The district paperwork committee will meet in January to address the submitted documents and then work to create a list of district approved documents for teachers and administrators to use.

Please click on the link here to complete and submit the Paperwork Survey.