Duval Teachers United

FAME Survey

The DTU FAME Survey (Faculty/Staff Assessment of Morale and Educational Environment) for school sites, will be completed on-line again this year. FAME is the DTU/DCPS joint survey completed at the end of each school year. The survey will be sent directly to DCPS employee email addresses. We ask that employees (Paraprofessional Unit, Teacher Unit, UOPD Unit only) complete and submit the survey individually. The survey responses are anonymous except that the school number must be indicated. The identity of the individual respondent is not revealed.

Surveys were emailed on March 4, 2019. The survey will remain open until March 22, 2019.  Remember, at least 50% of each school’s staff must submit responses to the survey in order for it to be valid.  Please check your clutter or junk email boxes since it may have been delivered there.  The sender’s name will be John Prince. 

Please note: This survey has been completed by employees for decades. There have not been any documented cases of retribution to employees for the ratings indicated on this survey. If problems with the school environment and morale are not indicated by the staff, however, issues cannot be resolved. DTU needs to know what is going well and not so well at the school sites.

Please report any problems experienced in accessing the survey to: John Prince at [email protected] 

Please take the time to participate in this very important survey. This survey is not connected in any way to the UChicago Survey sent out earlier.