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Conversations on the Use of ESSER Funding

A sharing of ideas is being conducted on-line by DCPS for educators regarding the use of Federal ESSER Funds (Elementary and Secondary Schools Relief Funds). A list of 18 categories are provided as areas for possible spending of the funds. The funding is intended to benefit students, educators, parents and stakeholders. Funds must be used to prepare, prevent, or respond to the impact of COVID on the social, emotional, mental health and academic needs of students.

DTU encourages all members of the DTU Bargaining Units (Paraprofessionals, Teachers, and UOPD) to respond to the on-line opportunity for input. Keep in mind when you do, that our number one priority should always be the well-being and the instruction of our students. In fact, most of the funding is directed to that goal. Also, keep in mind that you are not only an educator, but often a parent, an impacted family member, or friend. Your emotional and mental well-being have probably been impacted by the pandemic in one way or another but especially in your role in helping to educate students.

Dealing with the pandemic has caused the DCSB to change the way schools conduct their daily operations when teaching and caring for our students. Those changes have directly impacted your school, your classroom, and the demands on you to either deliver or assist in that instruction. You are the key to the successful education of students, especially during these times. Your ability to adapt to new ways of instruction has been crucial.

Covid has made teaching more difficult, time consuming, and frustrating. No one can deny your importance to the education process. Additionally, outside forces have created situations in the workplace that can threaten your safety. It is not unrealistic to ask that teachers and all those involved in the education process, be given monetary compensation from the ESSER funding expenditures for their cooperation and hard work. Don’t be afraid to make that recommendation. Please participate in the conversation today.

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