Duval Teachers United

Call to Action

July 16, 2020

We’re In This Together!


While your union is working on all fronts to negotiate working conditions within the bounds of the restrictive emergency order issued by the Commissioner of Education and preparing to fight the order in court, we need your help!

We also want you to be aware that Chief Financial Officer Patronis, gave a directive expanding workers comp coverage for certain first responders.  Making it easier for them to get coverage if they contract Covid-19 while working.  To review the directive yourself visit the linked site here.  This action by the CFO, expanded the coverage for First responders, corrections officers, state employees working in the healthcare field, child safety investigators and members of the Florida National Guard who work with Covid-19 cases.  It seems clear that if school employees are told they must go back to the classroom they should have the same expanded coverage opportunities as the other groups in the CFO’s order.  Please reach out to the CFO and let him know that you deserve the same coverage as the other public servants in his order.

Please call, email, tweet, use Facebook and Instagram to let Governor Desantis and Commissioner Corcoran know how you feel about him mandating in person instruction for public schools.  Encourage friends and family to contact them on your behalf to rescind or modify the order to allow, local districts to develop safe and academically sound learning conditions for each local district’s unique needs.

Governor Ron Desantis’s email is Governorron.desantis@eog.myflorida.com

Phone number:850-717-9337


Commissioner Richard Corcoran’s email is commissioner@fldoe.org

Phone number is 850-245-0505


Chief Financial Officer Patronis’s email is CFO.Patronis@myfloridacfo.com

Phone number: (850) 413-3100