Duval Teachers United

Survey on Health, Safety, and Work Conditions

DTU wants to hear from you during these stressful times in order to best assist you.

  • First, DTU wants to assure employees that they will continue to work to educate students or continue to work in their supportive roles. Employees will be paid their normal rate of pay on the regular pay cycles. Health insurance, sick leave days and the Family Medical Leave Act are still in place.
  • Second, we need to ensure that DCPS worksites are implementing CDC procedures to protect against the spread of Covid-19 among employees.
  • Third, we need to assure that employees receive what they need to assist them in carrying out their job responsibilities safely.
  • Last, DTU needs you to respond to this survey. We need to know what your needs are whether you are disseminating materials to students and families; providing the necessary on-line instruction to students; coordinating procedures to provide training or to distribute needed materials district wide to employees in order  to carry out their responsibilities safely and efficiently; and finally to address your questions and concerns.

Your responses are critical to assisting you during these times. Together, we can work through this difficult situation. DTU is here to address your needs and concerns, but we need to be informed of your needs.

Don’t hesitate to call or email your DTU staff consultant with your questions and issues. Click HERE to find  your Consultant

Please check your email for the survey link. Please provide responses to survey and submit to the DTU by midnight on April 1, 2020.