Duval Teachers United


Dear DTU Member,

Tiger LogoOnce again, your DTU Board of Directors is asking you to become totally involved in government and education reform. For you, this means joining TIGER. Why? Because everything that happens in your classroom and at your worksite started with politics. Simply stated, every time you go to the polls, you help to determine your salary and working conditions. When you elect people who understand the educational process, standards, and high stakes testing, you are ensuring that our profession will be placed in its rightful position: the top.

When you are a TIGER member, you make the decision as to whom this organization will endorse and support. As a nonpartisan organization, we are not tied to or bound by any one party or candidate. You, the TIGER member, make the decision, based on the education issues, who will get the endorsement.

In the words of Albert Einstein, “I consider it important, indeed urgently necessary, for intellectual workers to get together, both to protect their own economic status and, also, generally speaking, to secure their influence in the political field.” As a member, you do have influence. Your students, your colleagues, and your profession need your support.

In Solidarity,

Tammie Brooks-Evans


Jessica Reyst

Executive Vice President

Melisa James