Duval Teachers United

Legislative Action

Dear DTU Members,

On November the 1, 2019 the Duval legislative delegation will take a vote on a very important piece of legislation that is related to our school district. J Bill 1, if passed, would change our appointed superintendent to an elected superintendent.

We at DTU, would encourage you to communicate with three of our delegation members to please vote no on J Bill 1.

There are many ways to contact these individuals either by direct phone call, email, Facebook, or twitter. We have provided you with a sample letter of bulleted facts that support maintaining an appointed superintendent and the contact information for the three delegation members. Your participation in this matter is one of urgency, because the vote will take place November the 1, 2019 at the delegation meeting. Let’s mobilize on this important issue for our students, community and employees.

Any and all communications with our Duval delegation about this important matter MUST be done after work hours and not using your Duval County School Board Email. Please make sure to use your personal email when communicating with these Representatives.

We thank you in advance for your participation in this important matter.

In solidarity,
Terrie Brady                                                         Ruby George
President                                                               Executive Vice President


Please click here to see a sample letter and talking points in regards to J Bill 1.