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Tech Trio: Session 1 One View


One View: The district’s single sign on portal from one view you can access all the tools you need.

Location:  Schultz Center

Strategies for Student Success: Engaging Students' Long Term Memory


This session is designed to provide you with research-based, memory-enhancement techniques that require students to transform information or elaborate on it in various ways (creating visual images and mnemonic devices, relating new information to prior knowledge, etc.).

This session will be held at the Schultz Center.

Contributory Health Insurance Plan Meeting


There will be a voluntary meeting on SEPTEMBER 11, 2019 AT 5:00 P.M. AT THE SCHULTZ CENTER for all employees who have opted into the individual employee CONTRIBUTORY HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN.*

This plan is not to be confused with non-contributory plans or dependent coverage insurance plans.

There are three options for insurance coverage offered to individual employees.

  • The first option is the individual employee non-contributory plan where employees pay only co-pays and defined out of pocket costs and the District pays for the insurance premiums.
  • *The second option is the employee contributory plan where the employees pay for a portion of their individual insurance premiums in addition to the traditional costs cited above.
  • The third option is the dependent coverage plan where contributory and non-contributory employees pay for coverage for their dependents.

*At the September 11th meeting, the District will discuss important changes to the individual EMPLOYEE CONTRIBUTORY PLAN ONLY.

Please be present for this very important meeting.

DTU Building Rep Meeting


Meeting is held at the Schultz Center- 4019 Boulevard Center Drive, Jacksonville, FL