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2021-2022 Teacher Unit Salary Implementation: December 13, 2021

The salary schedules ratified by the Teacher Unit were approved by the DCSB on December 7, 2021. The new salary schedules must now be approved by the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) before implementation. Once that occurs, teachers will be notified when they can expect the increases to be reflected on their paychecks. The District can’t move forward with raises until they hear from the state. Below you will find some of the specifics of the salary increases ratified by the Teacher Unit.

Retroactive Pay:

  • Salary increases for Performance Pay or Grandfather Salary Schedule Teachers will be retroactive to the beginning of the respective Teacher Unit group’s work calendar for 2021-2022. Retroactive pay only covers the new increase to salary that would have been paid if the ratified increase had gone into effect on the first paycheck of the school year. That retro amount is paid out once, in a single paycheck, along with your newly adjusted regular salary. This amount is not what you will receive every paycheck as it includes retro pay along with the adjusted new salary amount. Once retro is paid, the remainder of the salary increases are spread across the remaining paychecks as part of your new salary amount (Traditional or Optional Pay).
  • This process is also true for the performance pay ($1000.50 and $2001) aspect of teacher raises. There will be retro pay back to the beginning of the school year and the rest of the money will be spread across the remaining paychecks. We will notify you when that date is scheduled.
  • Teachers who worked multiple assignments during the summer (July 1, 2021- August 2, 2021) will receive the retro salary adjustments for that work after the normal paychecks are adjusted.

Teacher Grandfather Salary Schedule Raises:

  • Teacher Unit members on any Grandfather Salary Schedule must have worked at least one day more than half in the previous school year and have a Highly Effective, Effective, or Needs Improvement overall evaluation to be eligible for the step/level increases.
  • The beginning classroom teacher salary on the TA Grandfather Salary Schedule increased from $45,891 to $47,500. Other Teacher Unit group salary schedules will have varying increased beginning salaries. All those teachers below the beginning salary on any Grandfather schedule will be brought up to that salary amount.
  • Teachers on the Grandfather Schedule will receive salary adjustments to their base pay. The $1500 supplement negotiated and provided to teachers in 2020-2021 will become part of their base pay in 2021-2022, but only if the employee received it last year.
  • Teachers will also receive a step/level increase. Step amounts have changed to comply with Legislative mandates.
  • Teachers moving to Step/Level 95 will get their step. Grandfather teachers already on Step/Level 95 will receive supplements on a graduated scale of $500 increments (up to a maximum of $2,500) dependent on how long they have been on Step/Level 95.

Performance Pay Salary Schedules:

  • Teacher Unit members on any Performance Pay Salary Schedule must have received a Highly Effective or Effective overall evaluation rating to receive Performance Pay. Performance Pay payouts are $2001 for a Highly Effective overall evaluation and $1000.50 for an Effective overall evaluation.
  • The TC Teacher Performance Pay Schedule beginning salary increased from $45,891 to $47,500. Other Teacher Unit Group Performance Pay Salary Schedules will have varying beginning salaries. All those teachers below the beginning salary on any Performance Pay schedule will be brought up to that salary amount.
  • Teachers on any Performance Pay Salary Schedule who received the negotiated $1500 supplement in 2020-2021, will have that $1500 added to their base pay.
  • Those Performance Pay Schedule teachers who were already making more than the new beginning salary will receive an additional $500 added to their base pay. (Psychologists will not receive the $500 because of the increases they received.)
  • There will be a retroactive payment on the first paycheck of the salary implementation with the balance of the increases paid out equally over the remaining checks.

Please check your DTU and DCSB emails for updates on the salary implementation dates.