Duval Teachers United

Update: 2020-2021 District Calendar

August 12, 2020

Thank you to the members of DTU who participated in the Calendar Survey. Following the results of the 2020-2021 District Calendar Survey and the recommendation by the District Calendar Committee, a draft district calendar, reflecting Option (Draft) 1 on the DTU survey, is being sent to the Duval County School Board (DCSB) for approval. This is a draft calendar and therefore, has NOT been approved by the DCSB. It will not be voted on by the DCSB until the specially called School Board meeting on August 19, 2020.

The Option 1 Draft, reflected on the Survey, provides for the following:

  • Pre-Planning (August 12-19): This reflects 6 pre-planning days. One post-planning day has been moved to pre-planning to allow for needed training.
    • First day of school for students: (August 20)
    • Early dismissal days are all converted to instructional workdays
    • Utilize 4 weather days as instructional workdays (Oct. 30, April 9, June 1, and June 2), and one weather day as a planning day (April 1) will serve as a planning/workday for Teachers, Paras, Security Guards and 10 & 11 month clerks, students will not be present on April 1st.
    • Utilize Friday, December 18, as an instructional workday for Teachers, Paras, Security Guards, 10 & 11 Month Clerks
    • Last Day of school for students (June 3)
    • Post-Planning (June 4 and 7)
    • Spring Break has been maintained
    • The two-week Winter Break has been maintained
    • The Wednesday before Thanksgiving has been maintained
    • Meets the district requirement for employee workdays and the state requirement for mandated student instructional time.

A copy of the DRAFT Calendar follows. Please remember, it is a DRAFT and subject to DCSB approval and, therefore, subject to change. The purpose of including a copy of this draft document is to provide you feedback on what is being proposed.