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SSS: Teach Them To Think

Strategies for Student Success: Teach Them to THINK!
Every teacher would like their students to give answers to questions that require skillful thinking. That is a major education goal!
However, in most cases the emphasis is on the product-the answer-rather than the process. Such an approach leaves students thinking “implicit”, and, thus little can be done to clarify student’s thinking in a way that can yield more thoughtful responses.

In this session participants will explore seven types of thinking, critical, creative, complex, comprehensive, collaborative thinking, as well as communication skills and cognitive transfer for practical application. These skills are needed for successful learning in the 21st century.

Where: The comfort of your home
Date: Saturday November 14, 2020
Time: 9:00 am-1:00pm
Points: 10
If you have questions call 396-4063 or You can register on Powerschool.