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Contributory Health Insurance Plan Meeting

There will be a voluntary meeting on SEPTEMBER 11, 2019 AT 5:00 P.M. AT THE SCHULTZ CENTER for all employees who have opted into the individual employee CONTRIBUTORY HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN.*

This plan is not to be confused with non-contributory plans or dependent coverage insurance plans.

There are three options for insurance coverage offered to individual employees.

  • The first option is the individual employee non-contributory plan where employees pay only co-pays and defined out of pocket costs and the District pays for the insurance premiums.
  • *The second option is the employee contributory plan where the employees pay for a portion of their individual insurance premiums in addition to the traditional costs cited above.
  • The third option is the dependent coverage plan where contributory and non-contributory employees pay for coverage for their dependents.

*At the September 11th meeting, the District will discuss important changes to the individual EMPLOYEE CONTRIBUTORY PLAN ONLY.

Please be present for this very important meeting.

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